GETTING TO Wanukaka and Rua

The road south from Waikabubak winds over the hills until the south coast comes into view.

In the foreground a forested hilltop dominates, this is LAPALE.

To the east the broad valley of WANUKAKA with paddy fields spread across the valley floor and a river meanders towards the sea.

Wanukaka is known as TANA PARI PIAKU / LOKU WEI KALALA 'land of aromatic rices / river of red rice porrige'.

To the west the country seems hillier, but the narrower valley of LAMBOYA is winding its way through those hills.

Directly to the south the plateau country of RUA extends all the way to the sea, with the sandy beaches of Pantai Rua and Ngihiwatu on either side of the rocky Cape Karoka. The clifftops that rise above the coast around Cape Karoka were the ideal places for building fortified villages well defended against enemies.